Here’s a raccoon politely asking for snacks, because it’s Thursday

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Rocksy the raccoon, why of course. And she’s hungry. But hey, at least she’s being polite about it. Persistent (times a million), but polite.

YouTube user Zoosielovesconcerts (spoiler alert: Zoosie also loves raccoons) posted a video a few days ago of a raccoon knocking on her sliding glass door with a little rock for oomph. She explains that this particular raccoon, whom she’s dubbed Rocksy, likes to steal the cat food from the bowl on her back porch. When the bowl is empty, Rocksy finds a rock and uses it to tap on the back door as a gentle reminder that it needs refilling.

Um, I hate to break it to you Zoosie, but that’s not a cat food bowl. It’s become a raccoon food bowl. Just saying. I mean, by all appearances, Rocksy has trained you to refill it for her. Don’t feel bad about that, though!

Which leads me to Point Number Two: Rocksy is a genius. How on earth did she teach herself to use a rock and knock on the door? Points for creativity and smarts, Rocksy. And ALL the points in the world for patience. According to the video’s caption, she will knock-knock-knock for hours on end until the bowl is refilled. That’s commitment, you guys. We humans get miffed if our pizza takes longer than 30 minutes to be delivered.

We love this smarty pants raccoon, who also happens to be a nursing mother. (We’re thinking that could explain her creative food-gathering skills. After all, she’s got a little family to provide for. Work it, girl.)

We’ve also got heart eyes for Zoosie, especially the way she calls Rocksy “girlFRIEND.” Just like that. GirlFRIEND. It’s all kinds of adorable. You have to hear it to appreciate it.

Watch Rocksy in action below:

Images and video via YouTube.

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