Raccoon goes for a swim, majorly stresses his brother out

As summer winds down, it’s time for one last dip in the pool. Who can resist a cool swim on a hot day, anyway? People can’t, bears can’t, and now we know raccoons can’t, either. Only problem is that as one raccoon jumps into the pool, his brother stays on dry land — and for the little guy on land, it’s the worst swim ever. And he’s still not even in the pool.

A brand new YouTube video uploaded by Vicki Coppen shows Waylon and Willie the raccoon hanging out by their human-family’s pool. Willie decides to jump in for a swim, and can you blame him? The pool looks great. This is when Waylon’s nerves kick into high gear, as he thrashes through the water trying to grab onto his brother. It’s like a reverse-Titanic situation, where Waylon is like, “I’ll never let go!” and Willie is like “Please let me go, I want to go swimming.”

Doesn’t stop there. Waylon then paces back and forth along the pool (as raccoons pace, you know) before reaching in again to try and grab his brother. He first tries to grab him around the neck to no avail, and then finally by the tail.

Everyone makes it out of the pool A-OK, but I have a feeling Waylon is going to beg his brother not to go back in the water anytime soon. Check out these two little guys below!

(Image via YouTube)


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