Raccoon dogs are a thing and the Internet is freaking out

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a raccoon and dog had a baby? WELL, wonder no more. Raccoon dogs are swiftly taking over the interwebz, and people don’t know how to feel.

Is it cute or weird?

The animal became an overnight sensation when recently, a man in Japan posted photos of his domesticated raccoon dog, Tanu, playing in the snow after a snowstorm in Asia. And it’s pretty adorable.

    Raccoon dogs aren’t actually a hybrid of dogs and raccoons. Instead, they’re a part of the Canidae family, along with both foxes and wolves. The raccoon dog, also known as the Tanuki is not an endangered species. But the Internet has only just started freaking out about it in the past couple of days. 

Okay, I’m fully on board now. If someone could please help me track a couple down, that would be great. (Public disclaimer: Many Tanuki are wild animals and not domesticated, so if you see one make sure to keep your distance, as some carry infectious disease.)

(Image via Shutterstock)