ICYMI, here’s that devastating video of a raccoon losing his cotton candy in a puddle

Our hearts are shattered after watching a Vine of a raccoon losing his candy. SHATTERED, you guys.

Twitter user @RyanJohnNelson posted the video yesterday, captioning it, “Watching a raccoon accidentally dissolve his candyfloss in a puddle has really put my troubles in perspective.” We just have one word in response: TRUTH.

The raccoon had a big, delicious fistful of candy floss (aka cotton candy, FYI), but he tried to wash it in a puddle before eating it, and it totally dissolved. (As cotton candy will do.) Tragedy ensued.

He can’t seem to understand where it went. We feel like we can read his little raccoon mind. “It was RIGHT HERE. What happened? WHERE IS MY CANDY?!” The fact that he was trying to be hygienic and wash his food before he ate it (in a puddle . . . but still) only adds insult to injury. Poor, polite little raccoon. We kind of want to send him a giant box of cotton candy and a gallon-sized jug of anti-bacterial gel.

We can’t with this video. We just can’t.

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[Image via video.]