Meet R2-KT, the most heartwarming droid in the ‘Star Wars’ canon

Fans of The Clone Wars TV-series might recognize R2-KT as the pink droid that we all we wish we could take home and cuddle. Well, there’s more to R2-KT than just being cute. She’s an astromech with a cause: memorializing a little girl who passed away in 2005. Get your tissues ready.

R2-KT was conceived by father Albin Johnson when he learned that his daughter Katie had an inoperable brain tumor and only months to live. Johnson knew a special R2 unit to look over Katie would make her smile while providing comfort. The Star Wars fan group the 501st Legion (founded by Johnson) came to his aid, with the R2 Builder’s club immediately beginning construction on a droid for the family, which would be painted pink, Katie’s favorite color.

Unfortunately, droids take a long time to build. When it became clear that a droid couldn’t be completed before Katie passed, astromech builder Andy Schwartz painted his own R2 unit pink and shipped it over to Katie. Katie hugged the droid immediately, and it watched over her in her last days.

In 2006, the R2 Builder’s club finally completed their own droid, and presented it to Johnson, who’s brought the droid out to charitable events over the years. Hasbro even made a limited edition action figure— which we immediately plan to add to our Christmas wish lists.

Nonetheless, R2-KT’s popularity may have faded, were it not for David Filoni, director of The Clone Wars. When he learned of R2-KT’s sweet origin story, he immediately began to incorporate her into the show as QT-KT, a droid owned by Aayla Secura. But R2-KT’s story doesn’t end there. According to Geeks Speak and Albin Johnson, R2-KT will appear at some point in the much-anticipated The Force Awakens! R2-KT’s message of love and support will now reach thousands (if not millions) of people. As if we didn’t have enough reasons to be excited for the new film! Now, fellow Gigglers, who plans to dress up as R2-KT for the premiere?

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