R+Co is now 100% vegan, and we talked to the brand about the major change

For years, R+Co has been a leader in the hair category—thanks to the brand’s innovative products, gorgeous packaging, and reliable formulas. Not to mention the fact that the brand was founded by not one, not two, but three sought-after hairstylists: Garren, Howard McLaren, and Thom Priano. Now, R+Co is adding another major milestone to its impressive story: going 100% vegan.

R+Co was already cruelty-free, but recently took the next step, inspired by Priano, who has been vegan himself for the last 10 years, explaining that the lifestyle adjustment changed his life. “We want to send a message to both the hairdressing community and greater world that you can have healthy, beautiful hair without testing and harming animals,” says Priano. “As a company, R+Co has a platform to create awareness–to prove through masterful formulation, performance and kindness, that there is a better way. We want to be the leaders that steer our industry toward doing what’s right.”

We chatted with R+Co President, Dan Langer, to find out more about the switch.

How long has this transition been in the works?

Being a fully vegan brand was the goal since the inception of the brand. However, we had to make certain exceptions for performance. We’ve been working on the transition for the past few years, and with the recent innovations in raw ingredients we were able to reformulate that last few products that were vegetarian. Having vegan products aligns perfectly with the brand’s identity—promoting a modern, health-conscious lifestyle that’s ingrained in social consciousness.

Were any products discontinued in the change?

No products were discontinued. Instead, they were updated to move them from vegetarian to fully vegan. The formula transitions only enhanced the products, as we were able to add the newest technologies into the development.

What has consumer feedback been like?

R+Co is receiving an overwhelming amount of excitement and support from its consumers—stylists, retailers, and end-customers. Many say they’ve been looking for a hair care brand that is health conscious and promotes awareness by being cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, and are excited that one they already love fits their needs.

We’re psyched about this news and look forward to many upcoming vegan launches from one of our favorite hair care brands.

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