Quotes to help you get over that unrequited crush

The worst feeling in the world (aside from stubbing your pinky toe on the coffee table or finishing your Netflix series early when you thought you still had a whole season left to go) is when you find out that your crush doesn’t like you back. It’s a cold little misery that starts in your stomach and seeps out through your entire body, making your hands a little trembly and your eyes a little wet. You’re embarrassed, you’re disappointed, and you’re probably kinda angry at this person for not realizing how awesome you are and how awesome you’d be together.

I’ve been there, and man does it suck. But it gets better, especially when you find someone who really does like you and you like them back and then the cold little misery gets replaced by a warm little happiness that feels like you just ate the world’s best piece of apple pie. Until then, here are some quotes to get you past the crushing crush, and back into the dating universe.

Taylor Swift, Singer, Wise Lady

Gloria Steinem, Activist, Legend

Mandy Hale, Author

Daniel Franzese, Actor

Mary Tyler Moore, TV Icon

Mark Twain, Author, Sage

Danu Grayson, Tumblr inspiration

Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gold Medalist 

Iyanla Vanzant, TV host 

Maya Angelou, Poet, Life-changer

Brigitte Nicole,Quotable guru

Amy Poehler, She-Ro

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