8 quotes from Disney Channel Original Movies that you should be using in real life

Disney Channel Original Movies might be the movies that influenced your childhood, but they are still so relevant. With the DCOM marathon on our brains we realized that these awesome films have SO many good — and at times, ridiculous — quotes that we should all be using them on the daily.

Come on, you know you secretly wish you were Zenon, or were a crime-fighting cheerleader, so why not talk like them? There are so many great quotes from DCOMs, so we had to narrow them down, but they are epic, trust us.

“You’re on my list, maggot” — Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone

While hearing Cadet Kelly Collins say, “Can I borrow some spit, sir,” is one of the highlights from Cadet Kelly, this maggot line can actually be used in everyday life. For best results, add this into your vernacular for when someone is on your “hit list.” Let’s face it, it would sound way better, and a little more lighthearted, if someone made you mad and you yelled “you’re on my list, maggot.”


“Zetus lapetus!” — Zenon Kar

Zoom, zoom, zoom! If you’re over-using OMG all the time, swap it out for this Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century quote. It basically means “ah!” or “are you serious?” and is definitely interchangeable with “OMG!” Plus, every ’90s girl will appreciate the reference.


“Boo-Ya!” — Ron Stoppable

Kim Possible might’ve been the hero in the Disney channel animated film Kim Possible: So the Drama, but Ron was actually the best character and Rufus…duh. Anytime he kicked butt he would say “Boo-ya” and it was perfect. It is basically the old-school version of a mic drop and needs to be brought back ASAP.


“Nunya, nunya business.” — Andy “Brink” Brinker

Almost everything Brink says in Brink! is brilliant and very surfer dude meets skater dude and we love it. This quote however, can be used no matter what clique you’re in. The moment you are fed up with someone or just don’t want to talk to them, use this hilarious line and they’ll be so thrown off that they’ll leave you alone. Also, don’t be afraid to throw a “brah” in there every once and a while, too.


“Getcha head in the game!” — Troy Bolton

High School Musical had a LOT of great songs and catchy lines, but this is obviously the best one. The next time you need to give someone a pep talk or you are getting distracted from studying for a test, simply say this out loud and you will regain focus and be ready to go.


“Go big, or go home.” — Johnny Kapahala

These really are words to live by. Like Johnny Tsunami taught us, when in doubt, go big, or just call it a night and go home. It’s a pretty simple way to live your life and make decisions by, don’t you think?


“Si se puede.” — Gotta Kick It Up

Yes, you can! Need a little pep in your step? Are you nervous about your fist day at a new school? If you are ever down and need to believe in yourself, this Disney quote from Gotta Kick It Up quote should be your go-to mantra from now on.


“So not the drama!” — Kim Possible

Despite the fact that there was always drama happening for KP in Kim Possible: So the Drama, the high school cheerleader/spy knew how to keep her cool. Whenever you’re not bothered by something or it is so NOT important in comparison to everything else in your busy schedule, use this phrase.


Now that you know the lingo, it’s time to start putting it to use in your daily life and always remember no matter happens, it’s SO not the drama!

What’s your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie of all time?

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