Quote Of The Day: “Fashion Isn’t An Exclusive Club”

There are too many reasons to be obsessed with Michelle Obama. Our First Lady destroys when it comes to making world-changing moves. She’s a staunch and vocal supporter of LGBT rights and her “Let’s Move” campaign is helping an entire generation of American children develop kick-ass eating and exercise habits now so they can lead super-healthy lives. FLOTUS is killing it on the regular, and not only is she killing it, she looks GOOD doing it. Her arms are so crazy-muscled she’s basically an ancient Greek statue, her hair and makeup are always on point, and her closet is so consistently perfect that if Cher from Clueless and Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada were real people, you know they would ALWAYS be over at the White House borrowing from Michelle’s digs.

But more than her fashion prowess, is her knack for the inspirational. Leave it to our First Lady to find something profound to say about fashion, an industry that is by no means known for its profundity.

When Michelle Obama delivered remarks today at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Anna Wintour Costume Center (named for the longtime editor of American Vogue), she nailed it with one single sentence. 

“Fashion isn’t an exclusive club for the few who can attend a runway show or shop at certain stores,” Michelle Obama stated. The First Lady lives this truth. She’s known for wearing J.Crew and Target. She’s aware that she’s a fashion icon and an all-around role model and she’s chosen to use her power for good, by linking affordable clothing with her prestige and power. Fashion is not life or death, but it’s still an important part of our day-to-day lives. How we present ourselves affects how we feel about ourselves and it impacts how others treat us. The First Lady holds one of the fanciest titles in all the land, but she doesn’t buy into her own hype and she’s not obsessed (or even all that impressed) with the exclusivity of fanciness. Michelle Obama is using her platform and her power to broadcast the message that looking and feeling great in whatever we put on this morning is not a feeling that should be reserved for movie stars, supermodels, and socialites. Feeling awesome about what you’re wearing, feeling awesome about yourself, that is a feeling for everyone.

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