This quiz tells you if you’re tone deaf, so take at your own risk!

It’s always fun to take a quiz when you have some time to kill, but we bet you’ve never taken one to confirm whether or not you’re tone deaf (that’s right — never let anyone wrongfully accuse you of it again next time you’re singing in the car!).

In Are you Tone DeafPsychology Today notes that many kids are labeled “tone-deaf” when they aren’t gifted singers in school music classes, but a lot of factors can be at play there. Basically, a small percentage of the population are actually tone deaf — and there’s a way to know for sure if you’re in that uh, special, class of people.

After you vote today, how about taking this tone deaf test here? It’s super simple, as you can see in the below screenshot.


And at the end, you will have the answer to one of life’s burning questions. Or at the very least the answer to something you just thought you’d investigate while bored. And looking for a more comprehensive tone deaf test? Take this slightly longer distorted tunes test here!

Regardless of the results, don’t worry. Being tone deaf has never stopped anyone from singing their hearts out in the shower (or during a road trip, or karaoke night…).


So keep doing you — whether you’re pitch perfect or pitch…imperfect.[/subheader]