Quiz: Are You a Nerd?

My 14-year-old will tell you: I am not cool.

This is not a new development. I have never been cool. I was born pretty much, an old lady. Even I have to admit that The Heatley Cliff itself, is one step away from LARPing. Thankfully, the word “nerd” does not have the same negative connotation it did in the past. Indeed, there are categories and sub categories of nerd-dom.  Perhaps you self-identify as one, but wonder, how nerdy am I? Well, if you can answer yes to more than 10 items on the checklist below, the answer would be pretty durn nerdy.

  1. Do you play the ukulele? (Bonus point if you are in some kind of ensemble.)
  2. Do you own at least one action figurine or doll-like item that holds pride of place in your house?
  3. Have you seen every adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ever made?
  4. Do you know ALL the lyrics to an original Michael Bolton song? (‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ does not count.)
  5. Do you wear a Christmas sweater, but not in an ironic way?
  6. Have you watched every episode of Battlestar Gallactica?
  7. Are you unaware of where the closest gym is to your house?
  8. Do you invent words for things and continue to say them until they become part of your friends vernacular?
  9. Do you have bangs?
  10. Do you not only own, but wear regularly an item from your grandmother’s/father’s wardrobe?
  11. Do you not understand why people find Brad Pitt sexy?
  12. Do you take a real position on the superiority of Star Wars vs. Star Trek?
  13. Would you be more into sports if Quidditch was a real game?
  14. Have you seen every episode of Lost?
  15. Does the idea of going “clubbing” make you physically ill?
  16. Do you knit/crochet/embroider?
  17. Do you make your own beer?
  18. Could you watch the weather channel for hours?
  19. Do you watch the Superbowl for the commercials?
  20. Do you have themed parties AND EXPECT FULL PARTICIPATION?
  21. Do you sometimes randomly just start talking with a British accent?
  22. Do you worship at the church of NPR?
  23. Do you think Ben Wishaw is super hot? (Bonus point if you know who Ben Wishaw is.)
  24. Do you wonder what this thing called “camping” is?
  25. Is at least one room of your house wallpapered?
  26. Do you live for Downton Abbey?
  27. Can you name at least one steampunk novel?
  28. Do you fantasize about/want to be Han Solo?
  29. Would you ever seriously consider naming your child after a fictitious character?
  30. Have you read The Mists of Avalon?
  31. Do you really really read Playboy for the articles?
  32. If it came down to it, could you explain the most basic concepts of quantum physics?
  33. Did you find Bradley Cooper utterly gross until you saw that YouTube video where the did the interview totally in French?
  34. As a child, were you sure that you were actually a witch or wizard? So much so that even up until your 18th birthday, you were more than mildly disappointed when your powers did not appear?
  35. Do you understand how string theory relates to the theory of alternate universes/dimensions?
  36. Do you find yourself attracted to Josh Groban and/or Joss Whedon?
  37. Are you a member of a book/supper/quilting/madrigal singing/chess/candle or soap making club?
  38. Is ComicCon one of your dream vacation destinations?
  39. Do you spin or dye your own yarn?
  40. Do you want to go on the Orient Express? Do you know what the Orient Express is?
  41. When people tell you they have never read Harry Potter, do you think they must be lying to you?
  42. Do you take karaoke very seriously?
  43. Do you ever wear a jaunty chapeau?
  44. Was Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher the first boy who made your special bits tingly?
  45. Would you prefer a fun night of board game playing over a fancy party? (unless it was a fancy dress party with a murder mystery theme?)
  46. Do you suspect that your parents may have a better social life than you do?
  47. When someone is asked what superpower they would like to have, and they reply “flying” do you roll your eyes?
  48. Do you often find yourself in the YA section of the bookstore?
  49. Do you speak Elvish and/or Klingon?
  50. Do you wear glasses?

Come on over to The Heatley Cliff this week where we talk more about getting our nerds on.

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