Quirky Halloween Costume Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered (But Should)

Now, this might come as a shock, especially to all you department-store workers who have spent the last week constructing Christmas displays, but Halloween is just around the corner. That means it’s once again time to decide what costume you will wear to your yearly Halloween party. Rather than recycle the same cat costume you’ve used for the last 5 years, why not try something new and make your own? Here’s some inspiration:

1. Keebler Elf

Who says that Keebler Elf costumes should be reserved for babies and house pets? The red-yellow-green color pattern can easily be turned into a dress, and there’s nothing in the Halloween rule book that says their puffy white hair cannot be substituted for long, flowing elvish locks. (Think Legolas, but older.) Built in to this costume choice is a baking expertise, which means your Halloween parties are going to be a hit. All you need is a green blazer, a tie, a pair of shorts (preferably yellow) and a Santa hat with the white pom-pom chopped off and a yellow piece of tape wrapped around the white rim. Carry around a box of “Fudge Shoppe” cookies and voila! You win Halloween.

2. Fall Foliage

No one can deny autumn’s beauty. As the temperature drops, the trees develop a fiery hue, and suddenly being outside becomes a pleasant, non-sweat-inducing experience. Throw on an orange or green dress (or make your own, like this creative lady did) and tape real leaves to the bodice, then spritz yourself with some cider-scented perfume. You may just find yourself winning all the “best Halloween costume” awards. Plus, at the end of it all, you will have a cider-scented dress that you can rub over everything in your room so autumn’s apple-y goodness never has to end.

3. Spam Mail

For those looking for an easy, yet unconventional and sexy, Halloween costume, let me present to you the human envelope. See this awesome dress below. If you want to modernize this costume, you could go a step farther and dress like SPAM MAIL. You’re skeptical, I can tell, but hear me out. For this costume, all you have to do is cover yourself in envelopes and search your “junk mail” folder for some inspirational messages to write across those envelopes. Examples: “Never disappoint him again.” “Get ready for a wild night.” “You are the millionth visitor! Click here for a prize.”

4. Flo from the Progressive Ads

Nothing’s sexier than a woman who knows her car insurance policies, amirite? Though you may come off like a walking advertisement (“I didn’t know there was going to be product placement at this party”), dressing like Flo will also help you rake in all those attractive, financially responsible male drivers that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. And again, this is another easy costume: wear a white shirt, red lipstick, a white apron with a computer printed “progressive” sticker, a headband, and a button that says “I Heart Insurance” and everyone will be going with your flow on October 31st. (The puns, they won’t stop.)

5. Mother Earth

What would a Mother Earth costume look like? Whatever you want it to look like. It’s such a general label, someone could wear a sparkling green and blue dress and call herself Mother Earth. Another person could take a more artistic approach and adorn themselves in leafy accessories or roll around in mud until you literally turn into a clump of dirt.

6. Noir Femme Fatale

When I say “noir femme fatale,” I’m not just suggesting that you perm your hair, don some lipstick, and start making sexual innuendos that adhere to strict 1940s production codes. I’m talking full-body, black-and-white makeup, a list of dramatic exclamations stuffed in your bra for quick reference, and a packet of candy cigarettes for effect. Dangerous, seductive, and monochrome. What’s not to love?

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