“15: A Quinceañera Story” documents how different Latina women celebrate turning fifteen

In Latin culture, turning fifteen is a big deal. It’s such a big deal that there’s a celebration in honor of it. Called a quinceañera, this day represents the moment when a girl becomes a woman, and it pays homage to that transition with friends and loved ones. There’s usually food, dancing, and festivities, though each person’s celebration will vary. With this in mind, HBO is honoring five Latin girls and their quinces with 15: A Quinceañera Story, a collection of four short documentaries that highlight five women from different backgrounds. There will be one documentary premiering on HBO and HBO Latino each night from December 19th to 22nd, so mark your calendars and set your DVR, because this is something you won’t want to miss.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Matthew O’Neill says, “The featured young women are examples of the breadth and diversity of the Latina experience in America. We’re proud to celebrate them and their communities as they contend with the complicated realities of growing up in America today.”

While each woman in this series is different, they all face similar issues growing up Latin in America.

15: A Quinceañera Story follows women who each have very different stories. There’s Zoey, a young a trans woman living in L.A. who celebrates with her trans madrinas, or godmothers, who were never able to celebrate quinces of their own. There’s Rosi, who’s American, and has a mother from Guatemala and a father from Cuba, who blends her three cultures to celebrate in Havana since her grandpa can’t get a visa to the U.S. There’s Ashley, an amateur boxer from East L.A., whose mother is a “Dreamer” and whose father was deported, who struggles with the fact that her boxing coach is undergoing deportation as well. And then there’s Jackie and Nina, two Mexican-American women who decide to celebrate together and include their love for escaramuza, a traditional Mexican dance done on horseback, into the mix.

"As a Latina, I’m proud to share our culture and shine a spotlight on these dynamic, talented and beautiful young women featured in these four films," stated Thalia Sodi, another director of the project.

Each of these women has a story worth being told, and we’re excited to watch their documentaries to learn more about how they celebrate such a culturally significant day.