This is the quickest way to register to vote

Back in 2012, only a little more than half of Americans took the time to cast their vote for our nation’s president. Specifically, according to Statistic Brain, out of the 218,959,000 Americans eligible to vote, only 57.5% actually turned up to the polls to have their voices be heard.

This is especially disheartening when you look at the number of women who registered versus the number of women who actually voted in 2012: 72.8% versus 53%. Considering that this year’s election could greatly impact women’s lives, their health, and their overall right to make choices, it would do a lot of good to lessen this disparity.

That’s where the registration initiative #OurVoteCounts comes into play.

In collaboration with Rock the Vote, #OurVoteCounts aims to get women registered, so they can raise their voices at the polls. To do so, they’ve created a 2-step tool that brings registering to vote into the 21st-century.

Bonus: It takes an average of two minutes or less to complete.


It’s also important to note your state’s registration deadline, which you can find here faster than you can say the word “democracy” (well, probably).

Now, let’s get our registration on.

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