We’ve got you: Here are 10 quick, comforting meals you should make today

Today was rough, we know. And there’s nothing worse than having to figure out what to eat when you’re sad and mopey. That’s why we put together this list of quick, comforting meals you can make tonight with little fuss — because self-care on Inauguration Day (and every day) is critical.

From mac and cheese (with a twist!) to maple pudding cake (yes, really), these recipes will soothe your weary soul tonight and for the next four years to come. Let yourself indulge and recharge tonight, because friends, starting tomorrow we’ve got serious work to do.

One-Pot Chili Mac and Cheese


One part traditional mac and cheese, one part old-fashioned chili, this hearty one-pot meal will warm your soul without forcing you to stand over the stove for hours, adding ingredients at juuust the right moment. Enjoy the recipe from A Simple Pantry.

Silky Cauliflower Soup


Nothing is quite as soothing as a hot bowl of soup on a cold night, and this easy, peasy cauliflower soup recipe from Smitten Kitchen is hitting all the right spots. You likely have almost everything you need on hand, just grab a fresh head of cauliflower and you’re set!

Easy 15-Minute Spaghetti


Comfort, indeed! Pasta — especially spaghetti with a hearty meat sauce — is one of those homey, hug-in-food-form recipes that we rely on in times of stress, and what’s better than a meal in 15 minutes? Head over to Averie Cooks to get this simple, tasty meal started.

Caprese Pasta Salad


Sticking with pasta for a moment, this dish comes together super quickly and keeps well in the fridge — so make it tonight and then pack it for lunch if you’re attending a women’s march tomorrow! Get the recipe over at Cookie & Kate.

Maple Pudding Cake


From a French-Canadian tradition known as pudding chômeur — or “unemployed person’s pudding” — this dessert recipe requires minimal effort with a huge payoff. We highly recommend. Find the recipe on Smitten Kitchen.

Quick Chana Masala


Make use of some pantry ingredients by whipping up this beautifully flavorful Indian dish from Cookie & Kate for dinner. Pair it with basmati rice and you’ll be smiling for days.

Sheet Pan Fajitas


This recipe is insanely easy, we swear. Just stir up your ingredients altogether in a bowl, spread them evenly on a sheet pan and that is literally it. Bake, eat with tortillas, be happy. Get the recipe on Cookies and Cups.

Easy Black Bean and Chickpea Chili


Hearty, healthy, and will last you for days, this chili is like a soothing balm for your insides. Make this recipe tonight, from Love & Lemons, and your fridge will be stocked until at least Sunday.

Banana Split Dump Cake


With just eight ingredients and 10 minutes to prep, this cake is just the thing to cap off your Inauguration Day comfort food indulgence. Throw everything into a pan, bake, and enjoy! Get the recipe from My Baking Addiction.

Easy Peanut Noodles


This super simple peanut sauce will turn any noodle dish into a culinary creation in no time. Simply cook up your favorite noodles, add veggies and protein, and top with this creamy, luxurious sauce. Find the recipe on Love & Lemons.

We wish you all the comforts imaginable for the next four years!