40 questions to ask your best friend from college

Chances are, you still keep in touch with some of your college friends. You might not talk to them every day, or even every week or month, but that doesn’t make them any less of a bestie. If you’re looking to rekindle and strengthen a friendship, ask your college BFF a meaningful question about herself. It’ll spark so many thoughtful, deep, silly, and enjoyable conversations. Not sure what to ask? We put together a list of questions to ask your best friend from college.

We never could have survived college without our friends. Whether they were talking us through our first big breakups or joining us late at night in the library, they were always there, no questions asked. College friends come into your life at a pivotal moment, and in that intense environment, you form instant bonds that last a lifetime. They’re by your side as you figure out who you are and who you want to be, which strengthens your connection even more.

The next time you plan a catch-up session, here are 40 questions to ask your best friend from college.

1. What did you learn the most about yourself in college?

2. How have you changed since college?

3. Do you have any regrets from college?

4. How has our friendship changed since college?

5. What was your favorite class you took in college?

6. What makes you nostalgic for our college days?

7. What’s your most embarrassing memory from college?

8. Do you have the life now that you thought you’d have back then?

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

10. Do you read your horoscope? Is it accurate?

11. What is the last dream you remember having?

12. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

13. Do you have any hobbies you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t?

14. What was your first CD?

15. What was your first concert?

16. What’s your favorite concert you’ve ever been to?

17. Do you believe in ghosts?

18. Have you ever won a contest?

19. How do you eat your M&M’s?

20. What’s your favorite song right now?

21. Have you met any cute dogs lately?

22. Any podcasts you love that I should listen to?

23. What do you love most about yourself?

24. What’s something you want to improve about yourself?

25. What’s something you’re really proud of?

26. What’s something you hope to accomplish this month?

27. What’s something you hope to accomplish this year?

28. What’s something you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

29. Have you ever ended a friendship? Why?

30. How do you define/practice self-care?

31. As you’ve grown older, has your relationship with your parents changed?

32. What’s the biggest lesson you learned in the last year?

33. What’s your first memory of our friendship?

34. What’s your favorite memory of our friendship?

35. What’s something you’ve never told me before?

36. What’s something you’ve always wanted to ask me but haven’t?

37. Do you think we’d be friends if we met now?

38. Is there anything on our friendship bucket list we’ve never crossed off?

39. If you could make a friendship resolution for us, what would it be?

40. When can we see each other next?