All the questions we have for Season 2 of ‘Younger’

It seems like ages ago that Younger Season 1 first appeared on our screens. The show followed Liza (played by the inimitable Sutton Foster) as she navigated post-divorce life in Brooklyn. Hoping to kickstart her career in publishing, and having zero luck at job interviews, Liza’s best friend Maggie convinced her to pretend to be 26. It was a crazy plan, but it paid off, and soon Liza was working with fellow young editor Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff!), and finally getting her shot at becoming a book editor. Liza moved on from her failed marriage by dating tattoo artist Josh (the super fine Nico Tortorella), but everything blew up at the end of Season 1 when he found out that Liza wasn’t 26, but in her forties! Major cliffhanger alert.

Now, finally the wait is over, and Season 2 is right around the corner, premiering on 13 January! Maybe, like me, you’ve binge-watched the entire first season in preparation for the new episodes. If not some spoilers follow! Here are all the questions we have for Season 2 of Younger?

Are Liza And Josh Still Together?

Ignoring the major lie about age, Liza and Josh made the perfect couple. With his perfect abs and easy-going nature, Josh was the antidote to Liza’s stressful ex-husband. But keeping up the lie of being a twenty-something became more and more tricky for Liza. When Season 2 starts, Liza is still desperately hoping that Josh will want to be with her now he knows the truth, but will the age gap cause more problems for their relationship?

Will Kelsey Ever Find Out About Liza’s Lie?

Hilary Duff is always welcome on my TV screen, and she does an amazing job as publishing BFF Kelsey Peters. But now that Josh knows Liza’s real age, will Kelsey be the next to find out the truth? And how will she handle it when she does? Kelsey has supported Liza from day one, and at the start of Season 2 their friendship is stronger than ever. But can any friendship withstand a major lie like that for much longer?

How Will Liza’s Daughter Fit Into The Show?

At the end of Season 1, Liza’s daughter Caitlin returned home from her gap year. But how will Caitlin react to her mom’s new life? Will Caitlin move to Brooklyn too, and will she approve of her mom dating a much younger man? There’s sure to be a lot of mother/daughter conflict in Season 2.

Will Liza Fall For Charles?

Liza’s boss Diana is in love with the head of the publishing company, Charles Brooks. While Liza was nothing but supportive of Diana’s crush, even giving her advice on how to approach Charles, it was clear that Liza is more his type. In Season 1, whenever Liza and Charles had a moment alone together, it was clear that there was a spark between the two. Sure, Charles believes that Liza is only 26 and, as such, a little young for him. But if he knew the truth, would Charles want to pursue a relationship with Liza, and where would that leave Josh and Diana?

What Will Happen To Liza’s Job?

Liza lied about her age to get a job in Season 1, and this included overhauling her image so as to appear 26. If her employers found out the truth about how old she is, would her job be jeopardy? Liza was great at her job in Season 1, and it seems likely that a promotion could be on the cards in Season 2, but will her biggest lie effect her career if it gets out?

Will Liza Continue To Live With Maggie?

Played by total legend Debi Mazar, Maggie supported Liza throughout Season 1, when she was dealing with her divorce, struggling with dating a new guy, and trying to fit in with a younger crowd. But will Maggie still be there for Liza in Season 2?

Will Season 2 Be As Funny, Feminist, And Brilliant As Season 1?

It can be tricky for any show to follow up a successful first season, but Younger Season 2 promises to be every bit as great as Season 1. With all of the core cast members returning, and the added element of Josh knowing the truth about Liza’s age, there’s sure to be a lot more drama to contend with. Younger is a show that understands how cray the modern world can be — from trying to interpret emojis, to online dating, to mastering the art of partying all night yet managing to look flawless the next day — there are many reasons the series continues to be great.

I can’t wait for January 13 when Younger comes back, and we can finally get the answers we’ve been waiting for.

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