12 questions you can only get away with asking your best friend

Although the saying “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family” is pretty much true, you and your best friend have developed such a close bond that they’re pretty much your family anyway, and you couldn’t live without them if you tried. You say and do things in your BFF’s presence that would probably never occur in front of any other human being, like inspecting each other’s armpit hairs and talking about the details of your menstrual flow. No matter how gory the conversation gets, you’ll never get grossed out by each other, and that’s the true measurement of a friendship.

Naturally, your best friend is the person you feel most comfortable being yourself with, so you can ask them anything you like. In fact, we sometimes end up going to our bestie with the questions that we were too shy to ask our doctor or mom when we were growing up. Somehow it’s much easier to ask your girlfriend things about your sex life than it is to ask someone who’s a supposed professional. Other subjects like dating, fashion, and life goals are juiciest when chatted about with your BFF as well, because you know you’ll receive the truth you need to hear, even if it’s not easy to accept at the time.

Here are 13 questions you can only get away with asking your best friend.

1. Do my armpits smell?

This is usually asked when your arm is already in the air and your shoving their nose in your sweaty pit. Hey, totally normal.

2. Can I borrow those cute lace panties?

It might be laundry day at your place, and you need something decent to wear for a night out. You two share everything else anyway, so why would this be any different? Come on, you’re going to wash them after you’re done! No biggie.

3. Will you come with me to the bathroom?

Because you need someone to help you reapply your lipstick and make sure you don’t have any toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

4. Can you change that shirt please?

There could be a million reasons why you want your bestie to put on a different top. Maybe it clashes with what you’re wearing. Or maybe you just think she would look way better in something else. Whatever the case may be, she’s the only person in the world you can ask this question to and they won’t be offended.

5. Did I just completely make myself look like an idiot?

In matters of embarrassment and humiliation, your best friend loves you enough to tell you when you’ve made a fool out of yourself. Just like you would do the same for them. At least you can laugh about it together later on (maybe after you cry first).

6. Is it normal that my period looks and smells like this?

Matters of menstruation and periods don’t make either of you cringe in the slightest. If you’re worried about how heavy your flow is, what color you see on your tampon, or the strange smell of your blood, the first person you’ll probably ask about it is your best friend. Just make sure you talk to your doctor too if anything seems worrisome.

7. Do I look sexy enough in this outfit?

It’s a special occasion and you want to look as sexy as possible. Other people, like your partner or your mom, might project their own stuff on you when you ask this question, but your BFF will give you an objective opinion on that bodycon dress.

8. Should I say this to my boss or not?

They give just as good advice for things regarding your career as they do things regarding your love life. When in doubt, ask them what they think about that controversial email you’re about to send.

9. Is it weird that they did that during sex?!

Who else are you going to ask about that weird sex position your S.O. got you into last night? Or that fetish you had never encountered before? What else are friends for if not to talk about awkward sexual encounters?!

10. Seriously, what’s the most annoying thing about me?

You’re treading dangerous waters here, so you would hardly trust anyone with this question. But you need to know, and it’s your bestie’s job to tell you the hard, cold truth.

11. Can you see me having a future with my S.O.?

We’d actually be surprised if they hadn’t told you their honest opinions about you and your S.O. before you asked this question.

12. Do you think I can actually make this happen?

Your very best friend is the one who will probably give you the most encouragement in your life. They know you best, so they know what you’re capable of. If you’re trying to achieve something big in your life, ask them for that special kind of support nobody else can offer.

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