Some questions we have about Drake’s “Child’s Play” music video

While Drake’s latest album Views is packed with memorable lyrics and asides, one of the most memorable by far is this line from the song “Child’s Play”: “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake / You know I love to go there.” It’s a glib line, but one that demonstrates both Drake’s cheesy (sorry) sense of humor and also pouty posturing. Now, the song’s got a 12-minute-long video to match.

The video, which is being released through Apple Music exclusively for the moment, begins with Drake realizing that he’s left his phone on the table. Of course, in Drake’s world, his date has studiously scrolled through and is ready to unleash her fury on him. Also because this is Drake’s world, his date is Tyra Banks.


She confronts him about his texting “game,” and then the argument escalates with her throwing cheesecake on him and pouring red wine on him. (When I watched this with friends, one of them remarked at the opening that if Drake’s wearing a white shirt, he’s going to have it stained by the wine. He was right!) Then, Drake takes a page from Taylor Swift’s playbook and pulls off something better than revenge by heading to a strip club to hang out. Inexplicably, there’s a character there named Texas Hammer Jr. who’s kind of sad and perhaps is meant to act as a foil to Drake? Hey, these concept music videos don’t have to explain themselves.

Watch the entire short film below, and see if you can make better sense of the latter half than I clearly didn’t: