7 questions that *aren’t* about the murder we’re praying the “Big Little Lies” finale answers

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been on the edge of your seat all week, desperate for the finale episode of HBO’s incredible limited series, Big Little Lies. Of course, we all know there’s a murder and a murderer out there looming, but that’s not all we’re dying to find out.

One of the coolest things about Big Little Lies is that we’re just as invested in the lives of each person as we are in whodoneit.

So while we’re absolutely excited to find out exactly who gets killed and who kills them at the storied Trivia Night, here’s 7 other burning questions we’re hoping the finale answers!

1Who raped Jane?

Monterey’s most dedicated runner seriously deserves some answers. Especially after her failed jaunt to San Luis Obispo, which ended up terrifying an innocent interior decorator and making Jane worry about her sanity. Are we going to learn the truth behind her horrific assault, or will BLL leave us, and Jane, stranded without answers?

2Will Celeste leave Perry?

No matter how much she loves him, it’s becoming more and more clear to Celeste that she needs to get out of her abusive marriage. With last week’s episode leaving her curled up on the floor of an apartment, however, it’s clear she hasn’t yet made the decision. Will Celeste be able to leave, and more terrifying, will Perry let her go?

3Will Ed find out about Madeline’s affair?

With Ed brushing off Madeline’s attempt to tell him, he clearly doesn’t want to know. But with Joseph’s wife out there, sure her husband’s affair was with Madeline, it’s possible he could get concrete confirmation. What will happen to this couple?

4Who is bullying Amabella?

It seems pretty darn obvious that everyone, including Renata, accepts that Ziggy isn’t bullying poor little Amabella. But someone still is, and it could be anyone from Chloe to Celeste’s twins. Who do you think is terrorizing the sweet little girl?

5Is anyone actually as well-adjusted as Bonnie seems in this town?

She’s reasonable, she’s fit, she’s calm, she’s certain…In a town where the six-year-olds already have complexes, Bonnie is the odd woman out. Is it really possible she’s the only character not hiding a big secret?

6Will Abigail go through with auctioning off her virginity?

Madeline’s rebellious teen daughter hatched a plan last week to raise money for charity. Auctioning off her virginity naturally sent both her parents off the deep-end. With Madeline’s panicked confession to her daughter of her affair, it certainly seemed like Abigail would change her mind…but then again, she didn’t directly say she’d call off the controversial project. Will this story get lost in the murder plot next week?

7Is there something weird between Abigail and Ed?

Speaking of characters without a secret, Ed joins Bonnie in “seems too normal.”

There’ve been a couple weird shots throughout the show of Ed and Abigail. Are they suggesting the stepdaughter might not be so thrilled with her stepdad? And remember, we’ve never gotten the full story on why she suddenly decided to move out. Hmmm….

Which questions do you need to have answered? Will our Big Little Lies heroines jog off into the sunset, or is one of them headed to jail?