40 important questions you should totally ask your BFF

How well do you really know your bestie? Admittedly, you probably know just about everything. But maybe there are a few surprises in there. Well, considering it’s the holiday season and all about joy and friendship and love, we’ve come up with a new holiday tradition you should totally try with your favorite person. It’s a list of questions to ask a friend—some silly, some totally serious—that will bring you guys even closer.

Sometimes, a few (or 40) really specific questions will unleash a whole new side of the person you heart deeply. It may also give you some ideas on what to get them for the holidays if you’re totally stumped. So, get a cup of coffee or mug of eggnog and get to know your BFF even more by asking him or her the following questions:

1. What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?

2. What is one thing you regret having done or not done in your life?

3. Which parent do you identify with the most?

4. What do you think you cook or bake the best?

5. If you could change your first name what would it be?

6. Can you hula hoop?

7. What embarrasses you the most in front of other people?

8. Have you considered running for president?

9. If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?

10. Who are you most envious of—real or fictional—and why?

11. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

12. Are ghosts real?

13. Are aliens real?

14. How old is the most expired item in your fridge?

15. Are your feet the same size?

16. What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?

17. How about the sweetest song?

18. Do you know how to play dominoes?

19. What’s under your bed?

20. Have you ever prank called someone?

21. 100 kittens or 3 baby sloths?

22. Are you proud of what you’re doing with your heart and time right now?

23. Why or why not?

24. How many bones have you broken?

25. Have you ever won anything? Big or small?

26. If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue, what would it be?

27. What’s your favorite plant?

28. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?

29. What’s the best way to comfort you when you’re having a really terrible day?

30. Has anything/anyone every saved your life before?

31. Would you ever adopt a child?

32. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?

33. If you were a cake which cake would you be?

34. What is the most important material possession you have and why?

35. What is the most important memory you have and why?

36. When was the last time you cried?

37. How old was your mother when she had you?

38. Which famous person would you like to be BFFs with?

39. Is there something you wish you had said sorry for but never did?

40. Is there anything I can do that will make your heart rest easier? Your life run smoother?

After asking my BFF these questions, I realized there is still so much to learn about the people we love the most. Now I want to ask my Mom, Dad, neighbor and fiancé all the same questions. The more you know. . . <3

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