All your questions about lube, answered in one video

There can be a lot of stigma attached to lube — mainly, that if you’re “doing sex right,” you won’t need it. But that’s totally bogus and untrue. Lube can be a *godsend* in the bedroom, increasing stimulation, sensation, and pleasure. What can be better?

But before you run out and go grab some for your sexcapades later tonight, did you know there are three different kinds of lube, all with their own advantages and drawbacks (and one that should never be used for penetration)? And that there’s a whole ton of junk in lots of commercial lube that you’ll want to avoid?

Folks, sex vlogger Laci Green knows her stuff, and she’s here to give us all the answers to our questions and then some. You’d be surprised how many lubes out there have got way too many harmful ingredients or can even increase the possibility of an STI, but Laci knows what’s up, and she’s got recommendations for what lubes you should be using (because, again, you should totally be using lube. If you want to have even better sex, that is).

Check out the video below. . . and listen up for a ~promo code~ at the end of the video if you want to pick up some lube for yourself and get busy in the sheets, you tiger.

(Image via video.)

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