Yikes — Quentin Tarantino is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over ‘Django Unchained’

Just hours after the Weinstein Company decided to move up the wide release of Quentin Tarantino’s highly-anticipated new film, The Hateful Eight, to more than 2000 screens, the legendary director is facing a lawsuit over his last film, 2012’s Django Unchained.

According to The Wrap, two writers on the Jamie Foxx-starring film, Oscar Colvin Jr. and Torrance J. Colvin, claim that Tarantino and production powerhouses the Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures stole the idea for Django — which follows the titular character on his quest to rescue his enslaved wife — from an original screenplay entitled Freedom. The Colvins are seeking hundreds of millions in damages.

“Before Django Freeman, there was an escaped slave named Jackson Freeman who desired to purchase his family’s freedom from a malevolent plantation owner,” reads the lawsuit. “Before Dr. Schultz, there was Samson, another white man, who would assist Mr. Freeman in his efforts to rescue his loved one(s) from slavery.”

The Colvins further claim that they shared the script with the Writers Guild of America back in 2004 and brought the script to the Williams Morris Agency where Tarantino was pitched as a possible director for the film should it be picked up. The lawsuit alleges that Tarantino is a self-described thief and has even said in past interviews that he steals ideas from every movie ever made to inspire his own creative process.

“Defendant Tarantino took the plot lines and main story of ‘Freedom’ and Tarantino-ized them,” the Colvins claim in their suit.

Tarantino and the two production houses have yet to respond, but this definitely isn’t the kind of press the eight-time director needs just as his newest film hits theaters everywhere. If they case goes to trial, it will go down in a Washington D.C. court of law.

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