We can’t wait to watch these queer women perform at the Rio Olympics!

There’s been a lot of noise surrounding the upcoming Olympics. And yet, amidst all the murky pessimism, love and friendship takes flight. And one of the parts of the Olympics we are most excited about are the number of queer contestants.

Nearly double the number of out LGBT athletes, will be competing in this years’ Olympics as compared to the 2012 games—and most of them will be queer women.A record 34 contestants this year are out. Ten of them are men; the rest are women. 


Below are some of the many queer women who will definitely shine at the Olympics, whether or not they win the gold.

Katie Duncan, New Zealand—Soccer

Katie Duncan is an all-around good person. Not only is she a super talented soccer player (though they call it football in New Zealand), she’s incredibly philanthropic. Before she head out to Rio for the Olympics (her third), Katie shaved her head to raise awareness for True Colours Children’s Health Trust.

Katie is married to fellow soccer player Priscilla Duncan, and they’re clearly very happy together:

Not to mention, we’re totally in awe of Katie’s mad talent.

Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, Great Britain—Field Hockey

This will be Kate Richardson-Walsh’s fourth Olympic appearance. This time, she’ll be leading her squad of field hockey champions as captain. And her wifeHelen is a member of the team! Although the couple have only been married for the past three years, they have been teammates for over a decade. They took home the bronze medal together at London 2012, and we bet their love only makes them stronger.

Their Instagram sure suggests a strong relationship based on mutual respect:

Nicola Adams, Great Britain—Boxing


Nicola took home the gold medal in boxing in 2012, and she seems just as pumped for this year’s competition!

She’s headed to defend her title in Rio along with her a new puppy aptly named Rio:


After publicly coming out as bisexual, Nicola topped The Independent’s Pink List for LGBT advocates. As Nicola told The Huffington Post:

We can’t wait to watch Nicola perform!


Seimone Augustus, USA—Basketball

Simone Augustus is a five-time all star, 2014 Basketball World Champion, and two time Olympic Gold medalist. In other words, she’s a total badass. Seimone has also been an outspoken supporter of marriage equality, and married her wife LaTaya Varner in 2015. The two are adorable together:




Hedvig Lindahl, Nilla Fischer, and Lisa Dahlkvist, Sweden—Soccer

Sweden’s Soccer team has not one, not two, but three out women!

Hedvig Lindahl’s wife and son will no doubt visit the Rio games to cheer her on. Not that Hedvig needs the help—she’s been to both the World Cup and the Olympics before. Yet we’re certain she appreciates the support.

What a fantastic role model for her son:

Nilla Fischer was named Sweden’s LGBT Person of the Year in 2014, and married her wife in 2013.

She is definitely badass.

Lisa Dahlkvist, meanwhile, came out in 2008. When she’s not busy owning it on the field, she’s busy raising her daughter Penny with wife Jessica Danielsson. Her photos on Instagram gives us serious #familygoals.

Look at her moves!

For a more complete list of the queer athletes competing at this year’s Olympics, go here or here.

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