“Queer Eye’s” Tom and Abby are engaged, and this is the love story we deserve

We all know that Queer Eye’s Fab 5 members are experts in different areas — Jonathan in the grooming department, Tan with all things fashion, Antoni is a (maybe) pro in the kitchen, Karamo covers culture, and Bobby is the resident handyman-slash-interior designer. But do you know what else they’re masters at? MATCHMAKING, apparently, because another Queer Eye wedding is in the works! Just after AJ and Drey announced their engagement, another couple revealed that they are tying the knot (or in this case, re-tying it).

Yup, you guessed right — Queer Eye‘s Tom and Abby are engaged!!!

The fan-favorite couple has a knack for pushing everyone to the edge of their seats with their rollercoaster of a love story. Just last month, Tom announced on Twitter that they’d broken up, but a few weeks later, he declared that they had rekindled their relationship.

And last night, March 12th, Tom revealed that they’re heading down the aisle and giving marriage another shot!

He even noted that EVERYONE is invited and that he hopes the Fab 5 will take a day out of their busy schedule to come and be his groomsmen, with Bobby as the best man.

The only thing that would make the upcoming wedding even better would be if the Fab 5 helped plan it.

Jonathan would transform Tom into a dashing groom and have us all screaming, “Can you believe?!” Tan would pick out the best tuxedo. Antoni would prepare a (sort of) scrumptious set of dishes for the reception. Bobby would be in charge of the decorations. Karamo would help with writing the vows and would maybe even officiate the wedding itself.

No word yet on when the nuptials will be, but we’re crossing our fingers that Netflix will turn it into a Queer Eye special.

A spinoff would work, too. Well, just as long as we get to witness Tom and Abby profess their undying love for each other, we wouldn’t mind either way.

Congratulations, Tom and Abby! We’re raising redneck margaritas in your honor!

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