Break out the celebratory guacamole — “Queer Eye” has been renewed for Season 2

Netflix hit Queer Eye has made fans feel literally ALL the feelings for close to two months now. And all things just keep getting better, because Queer Eye Season 2 is officially happening! All that’s left to do is beg for it to air ASAP!

The Queer Eye Season 2 announcement was made on Twitter on Monday afternoon, March 26th, and it’s short and sweet (we already want more, though!). And the Fab Five themselves are weighing in on the excitement already.

Grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness was among the first people to respond, because *of course* he was. Design expert Bobby Berk weighed in too, tweeting “Can you believe?”, which is the Van Ness clip used at the end of the Queer Eye Season 2 teaser.

Since Queer Eye Season 2 was just announced, we don’t yet know when it will air, how many episodes there will be, or when filming even begins. But what we do know is that if you need to time to convince a loved one to go out for the show, you def have it!

Plus, like, you’ll have plenty of time to rewatch (and rewatch), and get all your friends into it who have yet to watch!

Here are a few of the cutest reactions to Queer Eye Season 2 from fans on Twitter:

This Queer Eye fan had their life *changed* by the news:

One Fab Five enthusiast had the perfect GIF ready to go:

Much like us, this fan needs Queer Eye Season 2 right effing now:

All-caps is totally the move here. We feel you! false

Empowerment is the name of the game:

Best news ever? We’re right there with ya:

For real, Netflix confirming Queer Eye Season 2 is a go is the best possible way to start the week. Quick suggestion: Please, oh please, let it involve a Tom and Abby wedding special. Maybe a two-parter where the Fab Five get Tom all suited up for the big day?

OMG, we’re already crying. In the *best* way.

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