Queer Eye‘s Deborah and Mary Jones of Jones Bar-B-Q sold over $76,000 worth of BBQ sauce this weekend, and this is magic

Netflix released the third season of cult-favorite makeover series Queer Eye on March 15th, ushering in a weekend of serious bingeing with the Fab Five. Within the eight emotional new episodes, viewers are introduced to Deborah and Mary Jones (also known as Little and Shorty) of Jones Bar-B-Q in Episode 3. In the episode, food and wine expert Antoni helps the sisters bottle up the top-secret recipe of their barbecue sauce, a special concoction that has been in the family for decades. Well, following the series’ premiere over the weekend, barbecue sauce sales skyrocketed.

And as of yesterday, March 18th, the Jones sisters have sold 11,000 bottles of the sauce, which would total over $76,000.

Jones Bar-B-Q, based in Kansas City, KS, took to Instagram on March 18th, writing, “Let’s talk about the sauce. As of yesterday morning, we sold 11,000 bottles. We averaged 1.7 bottles per minute this weekend. We are feeling so much love and support from all of you. THANK YOU to everyone who ordered a bottle. Your support means so much to us!”

The post continued:

“Now, we're asking for your support in the form of patience. Please allow 7-10 days for your sauce to arrive. To all our friends from around the world asking for our sauce, we hear you! It is one of our goals to start shipping internationally soon. Keep an eye on our page for updates.

This is hitting us right in the feels. Are you getting misty-eyed? Well, hold those tears because here’s more. Robert Hitchcock, our hero from episode four of the new season’s “When Robert Met Jamie,” paid a visit to the Jones sisters earlier this month. He shared a snapshot at Jones Bar-B-Q, writing “Got here too late. Ribs gone? Turkey and pork still going to be amazing!!! #queereye”

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