The Fab Five just want to help everyone via Queer Eye — men, women, straight, gay, and transgender

Can you believe Queer Eye is already back for Season 2? It seems like just yesterday the likes of Tan, Antoni, Jonathan, Bobby, and Karamo came into our lives — and our world’s never looked so bright ?.

With the brand new season (which consists of eight episodes, but honestly it should be a 500 episode season), the boys are back to their usual antics when it comes to makeovers and making us sob, both emotional tears and tears of joy. And according to them, that’s honestly the point. Considering we live in a world with so much darkness and sadness right now, Queer Eye is one of the bright spots on an otherwise dim day. The guys are very aware of that, and thankful that they are putting out so much joy via their show.

“I feel so grateful to be a part of this,” Jonathan (Grooming!) tells HelloGiggles during a Netflix press day. “I always wanted to be a part of something that could [be] really positive and just bigger into the world. But I was like ‘Who does that, what is that, what are you thinking, girl?’ So to have something like this come back [as a revival] and meet these four guys, and be a part of relevant conversation that’s going towards a positive place is amazing. Really puts a sugar coating on Election 2016! Really turns my frown upside down!”

While Season 1 of the show had solely men receiving makeovers, Season 2 jumps into something completely different: Queer Eye’s first lady makeover — and hello, it’s an episode that’s sure to make you cry. But the Fab Five promise that crying is not the main theme of Season 2 (although you’re going to do it anyway). You’re going to end up emotional because of all the good that’s happening in this season, and looking to the future, too.

“We would love to continue [helping people], not just help men and women, and [we help] the trans community in one episode,” Karamo (Culture!) jumps in. “We just want to help everyone.”

Well, considering the positive effect these five have had in the last four months (seriously, Season 1 of the show only premiered back in February), these boys are well on the way to changing the world. CAN YOU BELIEVE?