“Queer Eye’s” Antoni wants avocados for his birthday — probably to make lots and lots of *guacamole*

Antoni Porowski is the food expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot. He has an adorable smile, an amazing sense of T-shirts, and an understandable aversion to being glitter-bombed. As it turns out, the Queer Eye foodie wants avocados for his birthday — and if Antoni wants avocados, he’s *definitely* going to get them.

Antoni posted about his birthday on Twitter, joking that he wanted super easy cookbooks (mhmm) and baskets of avocados. He also wished for corgi puppies, and honestly, all of this sounds perfect to us. If you send any of these things to Antoni, make sure they’re addressed to his manager. Don’t just show up with an avocado tree and a better recipe for guacamole than the one from Queer Eye— even if Greek yogurt has NO PLACE in a guac recipe, and TBH, sour cream doesn’t either.

The best part is: Everyone was so happy to celebrate Antoni’s big day.

Even actual gem and Captain Marvel star Brie Larson weighed in on Twitter.

Is that interaction the best, or is that the best? Trick question: It’s both. Also, Brie Larson loves Queer Eyeas much as we do. That’s about as cute as Antoni’s smile when Tom first told him about Abby.

Also, we have some questions about this:

Is Antoni leaning into the Queer Eye conspiracy theory that he can’t actually cook? We know Antoni wants avocados, but what he plans to do with them is anyone’s guess. So the elementary-level cookbook request totally has us wondering: Is he kidding about wanting it, or is he admitting to something?? We might never know.

And now, please enjoy this video of grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness cleaning glitter off of Antoni, because you’ve earned it.

Like, don’t throw glitter bombs at a man wearing his favorite Strokes T-shirt. Just don’t do it. Even if the result is this amazing behind-the-scenes moment. Okay, alright, maybe it’s fine, because of this glorious BTS viddy.

So if you run into Antoni on the street today, please bring him all the corgi puppies and avocados you can find. Also, when are Antoni and Brie going to hang? Because we need an invitation to that night, stat. We’ll bring the guacamole.

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