Queen of glam Mariah Carey wore a bikini and boots with da fur to show off her gigantic Christmas tree

‘Twas several nights before Christmas, and all through the mansion…a diva in flannel was casually relaxin’….

Behold! Glorious angel Mariah Carey posing by her family’s gigantic Christmas tree. She’s clad in an oversized lumberjack plaid shirt and sexy bikini, of course. What’s that on her feet? Boots with the furrrrrrrrr. The iconic songstress is the embodiment of comfort and luxury, as always.

Per usual, Mimi keeps outdoing herself in the fashion department. Whether she’s casually wearing lingerie during her reality series, Mariah’s World, or drenched in diamonds just because it’s Tuesday, this new holiday outfit will make your jaw drop.

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Mimi is #goals, but you already knew that. If you want to copy her sensual steez, check out our recent innerwear as outerwear round-up for inspiration.

If you need “more” coverage, perhaps a sparkly jumpsuit and stilettos are your speed. We have to wonder, did a bubble bath with diamonds come before or after this photo was taken?


But, back to her extravagant Christmas tree and holiday outfit. Are those butterflies on her tree? Obviously. The pine rises almost as high as the singer’s high notes. This tree has so much gold on it that there’s probably at least one Grammy hanging from its branches.

Are Mimi’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, hiding in there? We spy another tree visible in the background, and we’re willing to bet that it’s not the last. There’s literal swag dripping from her door frames.

We can only imagine the presents that Santa will be leaving under those trees are for her twins. Seriously, though, her holiday decor is really killing it!

She captioned:

"Getting into the Christmas spirit with this exquisite tree in a beautiful home for our family! Courtesy of Airbnb."

What’s that? She’s staying in a house listed on Airbnb??? How do we reserve a spot??? It’s all we want for Christmas!

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