Let’s talk about the Queen of England’s corgi obsession

As of today, Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest ruling monarch in England’s history, so a thousand happy well wishes to her! And you know what they say? Right next to every wonderful Queen is her corgi. Oh, is that not a saying? Well, it is for us. Throughout her entire rule, Queen Elizabeth has had a furry little friend at her side, specifically corgis. Queen Elizabeth is obsessed with corgis, and we’re obsessed with her obsession.

At 89 years young, Elizabeth has been serving as Queen of England since 1952!! She’s had a corgi the entire time, and actually, and even before that. On her 18th birthday, in 1944, Elizabeth was gifted a corgi by the name of Susan. The Queen immediately fell in love with Susan, and Susan even accompanied The Queen on her honeymoon in 1947. What started as just a story about a Queen and her dog, soon grew to many more. Over the years she has owned more than 30 corgis.

Mostly all the corgis have been related to each other, either as offspring or siblings. But, back in 2007, the Queen decided to stop breeding her corgis since there were just too many for them to handle at the time. Also, as she grew older, keeping up with the little dogs grew to be too much. Right now, she currently only has two: Willow and Holly. They’re the same two corgis who appeared during the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony with James Bond.

And if you think being a Queen is pretty cool, how about being a royal dog. Over the years, the Queen had her corgis have travel all over the world, and no expense has been spared for her pups. These dogs live in castles and palaces, fly on private jets, and are almost always carried off of airplanes — it’s hard for a little corgi to go down so many steps, especially when they’re meeting royalty, OK? We don’t want the dogs to trip and fall.

During The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Year in 2002, commemorative coins were made in her honor, and they featured her sitting with a corgi. Because heck yes if you’re going to get a coin made for you, you want it featuring you and your dog.

So here’s to the future of Queen Elizabeth’s rule, and all her happy corgis. By this point, the two go hand and paw together.

(Images via Twitter, YouTube, UK Royal Mint)


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