Queen Latifah’s car was stolen, and we hope she gets some answers soon

Sadly, people still haven’t learned not to take what isn’t theirs. A car was stolen about a week ago in Atlanta, and it wasn’t just any car — it was Queen Latifah’s 2015 Mercedes-Benz. And while all thefts are bad, this one is especially strange, as the carjacker hopped into it and drove away while the car was in the midst of getting gas.

While Queen Latifah wasn’t at the scene, police have identified her — as Dana Owens — as the rightful owner. Even though the car eventually showed up again around an apartment complex, police still have yet to catch the thieves days later. It’s such a scary situation that could pretty much happen to anyone.

The actress did examine the vehicle when it was found, and discovered a lot of empty juice and lemonade containers. Pretty interesting, albeit a bit strange.

Even stranger? This isn’t her first experience with car theft — Queen Latifah once had her car stolen by two teens in the ’90s, and the theft eventually lead to a brief shootout between the criminals and her bodyguard.

Billboard reports that this new method of carjacking has actually gained a lot of popularity recently. The fact that her Mercedes was found parked right next to a Dodge Charger that was also reported as stolen is even stranger.

While we’re sure that she’s happy to have her vehicle back, we can’t help but wonder how violated Queen Latifah feels. Our hearts go out to her for having to experience this, as well as the person who was tending to the car when all of this went down.

Make sure that you always have an eye out when you’re pumping gas, especially if you’re alone. Hopefully with a little more awareness, this awful trend can end for good.