Nooooo! One of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis passed away and we are so sad for her

It’s ~never~ easy when a pet dies. Holly, Queen Elizabeth’s 13-year-old corgi, has passed away, reported People, and we’re crying for her.

After all, pets are the one constant in our lives, our BFFs, the one being we can count on to be there for us, in good times and in bad.

Recently, some companies have even acknowledged how difficult it is when a pet passes away and have offered employees paid time off. So, so sweet.

As for Queen Elizabeth’s corgi, Holly, she was put down after suffering from an illness at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, according to People. She was buried at the Scottish retreat last week, and the Queen can see Holly, so to speak, from her drawing room window.

Awww. (Somebody please pass the Kleenex.)

ICYMI, we all got to know Holly, too, through occasions like the Queen’s 90th birthday (remember the pictures Annie Liebovitz took and the Vanity Fair cover of the Queen with her corgis?!).

Yep, it’s never been a secret that the Queen’s ~obsessed~ with corgis. It all started with her 18th birthday, in 1944, when someone gave her a corgi named Susan, reported Vanity Fair. (Susan even went along on the Queen’s honeymoon in 1947!)

However, her family had introduced corgis to the household back in 1933, when King George VI bought one for his daughters. Those daughters, of course, were the future Queen Elizabeth and her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

So even when she was a princess, the Queen loved corgis.




The corgis are a constant by her side and can still be seen all over Buckingham Palace.


Last year, the BBC even counted up all the corgis the Queen has had. Ready to find out…?!

A-maz-ing, huh?!

The Queen has one remaining corgi, Willow, and two dorgis, Vulcan and Candy, which are part corgi, part dachshund. In the past, the Queen told horse trainer Monty Roberts that she would not get any more Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies, reported People.

“She didn’t want to leave any young dog behind, he said.

Awww, again.

RIP, Holly. We’ll miss you, too.

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