Here’s how Queen Elizabeth uses her handbag to send secret messages

We all thought it was just a myth, but People has confirmed otherwise. According to the publication, Queen Elizabeth uses her iconic Launer purse for a lot more than storage. In fact, the Queen sends a slew of secret messages to her staff with it.

The Queen has been faithful to the brand since ’68, and is said to have owned at least 200 of the bags since. And, black patent leather seems to be her signature. The better to subtly signal with, my dear? That’s our best guess.

Queen Elizabeth has been using her $1,900 bag to send secret messages to her staff to rescue her from conversations and boring events for years!

Dying to know exactly what those said signals are? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered.

In an interview with People, royal historian Hugo Vickers let us know that if the Queen switches her bag from one arm to the next, she’s totally done talking to you. Her ladies-in-waiting will politely escort you to talk someone else’s ear off.

But, that’s not all. When the Queen places her bag on the table, she’s giving the signal that she’s ready to bounce in five minutes. And God forbid her bag hits the floor. This simple gesture means that she’s ready to abandon the building. Now.

So much for political leaks. Now that we’re privy to this top secret information, we bet the Queen is already testing out a new set of purse signals.