Queen Elizabeth is now best friends with Guy, Meghan Markle’s American beagle, and there’s a pic to prove it

Pet owners know that it can be hard to introduce our furry friends to new people, because our pets always know what’s up when it comes to strangers. And even though Meghan Markle has a lot on her plate these days, it seems she doesn’t have to worry about her pup assimilating to life as a royal: Markle’s dog, a rescue beagle named Guy, has a new bestie: the Queen of England.

As soon as Markle exchanged vows with Prince Harry on Saturday, May 19th, she was officially crowned the Duchess of Sussex, which makes her sweet adopted pup Guy Markle the first American royal dog. (Doggie dreams do come true.) Guy moved to the U.K. with Markle last year when she relocated to be with her now-husband. And it looks like he’s taking to the transition very well.

An eagle-eyed photographer snapped a shot of Guy in the backseat of a car the day before the wedding…with none other than the queen herself. Take a look at the photo and try not to melt.

If that’s not darling enough, it’s rumored that Guy made an appearance at the royal wedding reception, enjoying bits of food that fell on the floor beneath guests’ feet.

Of course, it hasn’t officially been confirmed by the Palace that it was, in fact, Guy in that car, but we’ve done some digging (aka looking at tons of pictures of Guy, as well as the queens’ own dogs) and we’re extremely confident it was, in fact, the 17-pound rescue pup. And the feeling is apparently mutual, because the queen’s Corgis love Markle too: the couple revealed that her notoriously hard-to-please furry friends immediately took to Markle upon their first meeting, jumping right into her lap, during their televised engagement interview.


Of their first meeting, Prince Harry joked, “For the last 33 years, I’ve been barked at. This one walks in, and absolutely nothing!” he said. “Just wagging tails.” Markle smiled and said, “It was very sweet.”

Our hearts.

No word yet on whether Guy has met the queen’s dorgis (Dachshund/Corgi mix), but we have a feeling these four-legged pals will get along famously.

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