The Queen of England LOVES ‘Downton Abbey.’ That said, she has a couple notes…

Downton Abbey just got the official royal seal of approval.

As it turns out, Queen Elizabeth II is a huge fan of the series. She’s not the only fan in the royal fam- as The Telegraph reports, Kate Middleton is also a big-time Downton fangirl, and makes Prince William watch it with her (hahahahaha, we die). Apparently Camilla is also quite the Downton stan, but Charles… not so much. We’re sensing a pattern here.

As much of a fan as the Queen is of  Downton Abbey, she DOES have a couple of notes for series. She seems to be cool with the plotting and the character development, but it’s the show’s historical accuracy that sometimes trips Her Majesty up.

Royal commentator Brian Hoey told The Telegraph that the Queen’s notes re: Downton Abbey came up in a recent conversation:

“We were talking about Trooping the Colour and how the Queen always notices if anything is not quite right, such as one young officer she spotted wearing his medals in the wrong order not long ago.

Apparently she is exactly the same when she is watching the television. She loves watching Downton Abbey and pointing out things they have got wrong, partly because she is familiar with Highclere Castle, where it is filmed. She used to stay there as a guest of the Carnarvon family.”

Lest the cast and crew of Downton Abbey freak out about being caught in these inaccuracies by none other than the Queen of England, Hoey clarifies that the Queen gives the hawk-eye treatment to ALL the TV shows she watches.

“She is the same when she is watching anything on television. In one programme she was watching, the Queen noticed that a British officer was wearing medals that were from the wrong era. It was set in the First World War but the medals he was wearing did not come in until the Second World War.”

What we wouldn’t give to be a guest on Sunday nights at Buckingham. It’s now our new dream to sit on the couch with the Queen and hear why the Crawleys would NEVER use THOSE spoons to eat THAT soup. Even though we may never watch Downton with the Queen (big sigh), royal or not, we’ll be tuning in tomorrow, Sunday, September 6th, at 8/7 c to catch the first episode of the final season (loud, obnoxious sobbing noises).


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