The Queen’s breakfast routine is way less fancy than we expected

Picture the Queen. You’re probably thinking of grace, royalty, and lavish clothing à la The Crown. And what would the Queen eat for breakfast? Surely the fanciest, most delectable three-course breakfast imaginable, eaten with 17 different kinds of silverware. But if you thought that, you’d be wrong.

Turns out, the Queen prefers a simpler, more practical breakfast. (Though when it’s snack time, she does love a good chocolate biscuit cake.) Former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked in the palace kitchen for 11 years, recently spilled the deets of the Queen’s dietary regimen. It was enlightening, to say the least.

Last chance to guess what the Queen eats for breakfast.

Drumroll please…it’s cereal! Specifically, it’s cereal from a Tupperware container!

"Breakfast was very simple for Her Majesty. Some Kellogg’s cereal from a plastic container, which she’d serve herself. And some Darjeeling tea," McGrady told Marie Claire.

Hey, we can get behind that. Hopefully this means that when we eat Kellogg’s cereal, we will also begin to feel more like the Queen. Isn’t that how that works?

McGrady spilled many juicy tidbits in the interview, including this bit about Princess Diana and what she fed her sons.

"I remember the Princess came into the kitchen one day and said, 'Cancel lunch for the boys I'm taking them out, we're going to McDonald's. And I said, 'Oh my god your royal highness, I can do that, I can do burgers.' And she said, 'No, it's the toy they want.' Yeah, the boys loved McDonald's, and going out to pizza, and having potato skins—sort of the American foods. They were royal princes but had children's palates."

Sometimes we all just need a little McDonald’s, okay? Can’t blame anyone for that.

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