Supermodel’s Awesome Feminist Parenting Advice

Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes has a weird job. She’s paid to walk the runway in skimpy lingerie and embody whatever it means to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She’s good at it. In fact, she made Forbes’ list of top-earning models in 2012. But she doesn’t want the same thing for her daughter.

Kroes is expecting a girl with her husband, Dutch DJ Sunnery James. And she’s hoping to instill values in her daughter that aren’t all about long blonde hair and a teeny-tiny waist.

“Instead of saying ‘you’re so beautiful,’ I’ll say, ‘You’re smart,’ so she’ll have different aspirations in life than beauty and modeling,” Kroes told the New York Post.  

“Though I love my job, I’m not changing the world. I’d love for her to study and to have different aspirations,” she continued. “We need to teach girls they can become presidents, and it’s not about beauty all the time.”

How great is that? A Victoria’s Secret model hopes that her daughter will grow up to be a world leader, and not just have perfect teeth. Although a handful of supermodel kids have had success following in their parent’s footsteps, we’re excited to see what other opportunities lie ahead for Kroes‘ daughter. Obviously, her mom’s got brains.

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