Um, Queen Daenerys is not doing so well now that Winter is Here

So, um, as our fellow Game of Thrones fanatics know, Winter is Here—and Queen Daenerys, aka Emilia Clarke, is none too thrilled.

Game of Thrones

is currently shooting in Northern Ireland later than usual so as to capture the winter weather, which means Emilia has been busy spending her days fighting intense (not to mention cold) Irish winds. In her above Instagram post, she reports that the wind is around 50 mph. Yikes! Luckily, she also reports that the view is worth it. We hope she’s not just saying that to appease the Irish tourism board! We wonder what her character Queen Daenerys will make of this winter weather.

Then again, she doesn’t seem much happier about the Irish rain:

Waterproof dragons? Now that sounds like a perfect plot point for Game of Thrones… though we think their reptilian skin makes them waterproof enough.

Of course, security on the set is pretty tight, so that leaves most of us to wonder what exactly is going on other than Queen Daenerys potential frostbite. Newsweek speculates that Jon Snow may be getting a new potential love interest, but we know better than to take those rumors too seriously. After all, nothing prepared us for the Red Wedding. When it comes to Game of Thrones, we’ve found that it’s best to just let yourself be surprised.

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