The Queen’s childhood dolls are the scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween

Although nearly all of us have had a doll at some point while growing up, these toys have a magical ability to be real creepy. Perhaps it’s their lifeless eyes, their lifelike features, or the slew of horror films about them coming to life. But whatever it is, dolls can haunt us. So with Halloween approaching, it is totally appropriate that Queen Elizabeth’s childhood dolls were sold at auction — and that they are completely terrifying.

As The Telegraph reported, the dolls were the queen’s own toys that she played with almost 90 years ago. They were given to her royal nurse, Clara Knight, who took care of Queen Elizabeth II when she was young. Knight died in 1946 and her family had possession of the dolls, among other items, until now.

The five dolls, which are from the 1920s and in their original clothes, have been sold at a September auction through Burstow and Hewett.

And while they are historically significant, there’s no denying that Queen Elizabeth’s dolls are also creepy AF.




With their cloth bodies, which are a bit dirty and worn now, and their intense stares, these dolls could star in our worst nightmares.

But the most disturbing dolls are the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ones. This is what Minnie and Mickey, who were created by Disney in the 1920s, looked like back then.


These bad boys were bought for £880, which is over $1,000.

It may only be September, but thanks to the auction of Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood dolls, we are already getting Halloween nightmare vibes. And we hope whoever bought these dolls (since they were all purchased at the auction) will give them a happy — and hopefully, not haunted — home.

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