People are making their own quarantine games on TikTok, and they’re kind of genius

Look: The Olympics are canceled. All sporting events are on hiatus. We’re responsibly staying six feet away from other people. With all of our usual entertainment currently unavailable, we’re all finding creative ways to make our own fun. And if these TikTok videos of what we’ll call “quarantine games” are any indication, everyone is a little more imaginative (and okay, weirder) than we would have thought.

Some of these TikTok videos take standard games to the next level. You can watch an extreme ping-pong game and cat vs. human tic-tac-toe. But then, there are other quarantine games that are just plain wacky and inspired. Just watch them and see for yourself.

Scroll through below to find our favorite TikTok quarantine videos, and watch the entire compilation above.

This couple’s “A Horse With No Name” optical illusion

We have one question: At what hour of quarantine did these two realize that her hair slightly resembled a literal pony’s tail? No matter the answer, we’re grateful for the LOLs.

These Italian men playing window ping-pong

Italy was one of the first countries to be significantly hit by coronavirus (COVID-19), so we love to see this moment of levity in these difficult days. We only hope there was a helpful neighbor below to grab the stray ping pong balls.

This IRL Pac-Man hand-puppet game

Okay, so video games are still available to us in quarantine. (Animal Crossing, everyone?) But who are we to deny this person from finding a little fun with their car-gobbling game?

This man clinking wine glasses with all of his “friends”

He’s alone, but he’s not lonely! As the weeks of practicing social distancing tick by, this sounds more and more like a totally normal idea for our cocktail hours.

This person taking “the floor is lava” to the extreme

Remember the classic childhood game where the floor was lava? (Or the adult version from New Girl: True American?) Well, sure, we all can jump from couch to chair and back. But this quarantiner took things up about 400 notches. We think this qualifies as lava-floor parkour. Don’t try it at home, he warns in his Instagram caption, but do watch because he’ll donate one cent for every “like” to the World Health Organization’s fight against coronavirus.

These brothers who used sleight of hand to “interact” with cartoons


You can see the whole mesmerizing “interaction” in the full video above. They played some trickery on Tom from Tom & Jerry—and also some trickery on us.

These two partaking in a blindfolded pillow “fight”

We’ll use “fight” loosely here. Because of their backward hoodies and dizziness, neither participant was able to make contact with the other. Which, actually, makes it much more fun to watch.

This TikTok-er who challenged her cat to tic-tac-toe


Come on, kitty. We want you to be better at this game! Our furry friends make great quarantine companions—even if they don’t make great game night players. You can watch the entire tic-tac-toe game in the full video above.

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