Is putting collagen in your coffee a good idea?

For those in search of a new health trend, today is your lucky day. Collagen is back in style, but this time specifically in its powdered form. While most people welcome it, some still wonder if putting collagen in your coffee is a good idea. So here is the breakdown of everything you need to know about this new trend.

Collagen is the connective tissue between bones, packed full of protein-rich benefits.

In addition to being good for joint health, collagen can potentially reduce wrinkles and even improve gastrointestinal distress while also adding protein.

For the most part, health enthusiasts consume collagen by cooking up bone broth. But that is a thing of the past. Some are now skipping the lunch option and heading straight for breakfast. People are sprinkling collagen powder into their morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee!

Since the health market keeps growing, there are many different kinds of powders to choose from. Collagen is an animal byproduct, so the most common options are not vegan or vegetarian friendly. Beef collagen powder can easily be found online. Companies like Dirty Lemon and Bullet Proof have powders and drinks infused with the stuff.

For those looking for a animal-free option, plant based powders can be purchased online. The same goes for pescatarians. Fish-based products derive collagen from water dwellers in order to give you full benefits.

With all that goodness in mind, adding collagen powder into your coffee seems like a no-brainer.

Not only do you get the health benefits, you get a nice burst of energy to go along with it. And if coffee just isn’t you thing — don’t worry! Add collagen powder to a drink of your choice. Some health enthusiasts put it in their post-workout shakes.

So, if you’re looking for a little boost to add to your health routine, collagen powder can be your answer.