We now know that “Pushing Daisies” was cancelled for this, uh, adorable reason

Beloved cult hit and critical darling Pushing Daisies is a show that many can agree was #GONETOOSOON. The show was about a pie-maker (Lee Pace) with the ability to bring people back from the dead, who used his powers to solve murder mysteries.

It, sadly, only lasted two seasons. And that’s largely because the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike led to a gap between seasons one and two, and ultimately a decrease in ratings.

Executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld told Huffington Post of Pushing Daisies untimely end:

"We were delayed almost a year, so we were never on long enough and consistently enough to build a word-of-mouth, Sonnenfeld told the outlet. "And then the second issue is, I blame our scripts, in that I think they were slightly too cute. I wish they’d had a little bit more plot."

“I remember saying to Bryan Fuller, who was the showrunner and the creator and a good friend of mine who I adore, ‘Hey, Bryan, shouldn’t we have better plots so we can lean forward in trying to figure out who did the murder, for instance?’ He was afraid if we had a little bit more of a procedural that we would lose the quirkiness.”

We definitely wouldn’t want to lose that!

Had the timing been different, Sonnenfeld believes the show would have done well in the era of Netflix. But, Netflix has brought back past shows, so what of a Pushing Daisies reboot or revival? Sonnenfeld says that hasn’t been discussed. For our part, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for that conversation to soon be had.