Now you can decorate your Facebook photos with Pusheen stickers, so life is good

Have you ever felt like somebody just gets you? That you have so much in common with them, it’s scary? Well, that’s how we feel about Pusheen. The adorable cartoon cat is our spirit animal, a million times over. Pusheen does it all: bakes cupcakes, eats pizza, rocks stylish sunglasses.

We’ve been using Pusheen stickers in our Facebook messages for a while now, but the Facebook gods just smiled down on us and awarded us even more greatness: Now, when you upload pictures, you’ll have the option to jazz them up with adorable Pusheen stickers. As the Daily Dot put it: “You can take a selfie and add Pusheen nomming on a tiny doughnut right next to you, just like you guys are hanging out.”

Technically, you can use more than just Pusheen stickers — you can add all different kinds of stickers to your photos when you use the app. Here’s Facebook’s example of how it works. It’s sadly Pusheen-less but you’ll get the idea.

You can place the stickers anywhere and even resize them to decorate your photo accordingly. To get started, just download the latest version of Facebook for IOS or Android. As of now, the app is only available on mobile devices. But don’t let that stop you from tricking out your latest vacation selfies with a cartoon cat. Because, come on, Pusheen is always with us in spirit.

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