This Purple Shampoo Hack is a Game-Changer for Brassy, Blonde Hair

You've been doing it wrong.

If you’re blonde, whether that be dirty blonde, platinum blonde, or anything in between, then you probably know about the color-correcting miracle that is purple shampoo. Well, we’ve just discovered a new purple shampoo hack that will truly keep your blonde hair from turning that brassy color that attacks all faux blondes.

Purple products contain varying amounts of indigo pigment that lightly dye and tone blonde hair purple, which on the color wheel is the opposite of brassy yellow-orange. The theory is simple and super effective, and just one purple shampoo treatment can completely change your hair’s appearance.

Los Angeles-based colorist Beau Kelly says that purple shampoo is an important at-home treatment after you highlight your hair. You know how they gloss your hair after you get it colored at the salon? Beau explains that purple shampoo is akin to an “at-home gloss.”

So, what’s the purple shampoo hack?

If you’re not born with it, maintaining a fresh-looking blonde is a full-time job—but it doesn’t have to be. Blonde blogger Becki at Whippy Cake has an inventive way to use the life-saving shampoo and conditioner combo: apply it to dry hair.

The purple shampoo bottle will tell you to apply it to wet hair in the shower for 10 minutes, but the hack is to apply it to dry hair and leave it on for upwards of 15 minutes and then wash it out. It has recently become trendy to apply hair masks and conditioner to dry hair first, so it was only a matter of time before someone tried it out with purple shampoo. Guys, I tried this method on my hair after years of using purple shampoo in the shower, and the dry hair method turned my slightly yellow strands a beautiful ashy beige in one session.

Whippy Cake touts a longer period between needing touch-ups to her perfectly white blonde hair with this new method, which means less stress to the hair and more blonde for your buck. If you’re a blondie whose brass keeps peeking through, maybe Becki’s method will work for you. In the meantime, see below for a roundup of some of our favorite purple shampoos:

1. L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo


L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo

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Say goodbye to brassy yellows and oranges with the help of this effective drugstore shampoo. This vegan formula delivers purple dye mixed with hibiscus (which is rich in vitamin C and amino acids) to nourish your hair and neutralize brassy tones. Use it two times a week for best results.

2. Beachwaver BRB Blonde Purple Shampoo


Beachwaver BRB Blonde Purple Shampoo

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Brighten your blonde hair with the help of this fruity-smelling purple shampoo. Apart from depositing purple dye, it’s also formulated with Shea butter to moisturize your hair. Let’s be real—if you’re dyeing your hair, you definitely need to be on top of that moisturizing game. We love it so much that we gave it a 2020 Beauty Crush Award.

3. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo


Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

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Vibrant blonde and gray hair is just one shampoo away with the help of this luxurious product. After wetting your hair, apply a generous amount of shampoo and spread it from root to ends, then let it sit for three to five minutes depending on your desired intensity. After drying your hair, you’ll see immediate results. Do this two times a week to maintain your new fresh color.

4. Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo


Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo

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Unlike other purple shampoos that indicate you should only use once or twice a week, this one is safe for daily use and won’t turn your hair purple as a result. It’s also infused with coconut oil, so it’ll help repair your hair while making it super shiny as well.

5. Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo


Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo

Shop it Sephora

You’re probably familiar with hyaluronic acid in skincare products, but what about haircare? This shampoo is infused with HA to help strengthen it, therefore helping prevent future breakage and damage. It also uses edelweiss flower, a powerful antioxidant that protects hair from free radical damage and works to soften strands as well. Use up to three times a week.

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