We’re putting on our detective glasses, because Pur Cosmetics is launching a mysterious new palette

Once again, it’s time to pull out the trench coat and magnifying glass, because we have a small mystery on our hands. It appears that Pur Cosmetics is launching a new palette, but we still don’t have all the details we desperately need and want.

A recent teaser post on the fabulous (and cruel) Trendmood Instagram account showed us a sneak peek of a new Pur Cosmetics makeup palette with 12 shades! Unfortunately for us, the teasers are in black and white, so we still have no idea what the actual color layout will look like.

We’re banking on more details and some color swatches soon!

But in the meantime, we can speculate on all of the possibilities. Will this be a jewel-toned set?! We see a lot of contrast, so it looks like the palette includes a good range of darker and lighter colors. Maybe some day-to-night makeup looks?

While we wait for answers, we’ll be drawing up some color theories.

Teasing us with black and white photos should be considered a criminal offense. We consider it a serious form of emotional torture. At least we can make this palette into whatever we want, while we wait for more information.

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Regardless of what it will look like, we know we’re always ready for another palette from Pur Cosmetics.

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