This puppy’s sneeze will absolutely wreck you

I know what you’re thinking: That you’ve seen a million animal sneeze videos. That you don’t need to watch this one because you already know how it ends. That the dog will sneeze, make a cute sound and you’ll smile. Well, I’m here to tell you this puppy’s sneeze is the most epic animal sneeze on the Internet yet. You’ll be thinking about it for hours to come. Days, even. Go ahead: Watch.

You weren’t expecting that now, were you?!

Roux the Pomeranian is a self-described “Cajun fluff ball from South Louisiana” and we can’t get enough of him. Between his big smile and his silly sneeze, we think he’s going to fit right in as a member of the Cute Animals of the Internet club.

I’ve never done a play-by-play of a dog sneeze, but Roux’s little routine is more than worthy of one. First, he absolutely nails the pre-sneeze warm up—that part where you feel a tickle in your nose, realize you have to sneeze, fan yourself a little bit and wait for it to happen. The sneeze itself is, in a word, adorable. That squeal! That head shake! Bonus points for not smacking his head against the iPad at his feet. And finally, Roux absolutely nails the landing, seamlessly transitioning back to unassuming cuteness.

You have to wonder, does this happen every time Roux sneezes, or was this a special once in a lifetime event? Either way, I’m glad Roux’s owner had the camera ready.

(Featured image via Instagram)