All of the feelings about this puppy seeing rain for the first time

Jack the Golden Retriever puppy recently got his first taste of rain. Literally.

Like most Goldens, Jack loves water. He probably splashes around in his drinking bowl all the time. But what is this? Water falling from the sky? Mind. Blown.

We love his adorable reaction to his first time seeing rain. He keeps looking at the sky trying to figure out where it’s coming from, and then he does the most goofy puppy thing imaginable. He tries to actually eat the rain. Because why not? He’s a puppy, after all. He’s probably eaten a sock, a chew toy, a biscuit and maybe even a sofa cushion in the past 24 hours alone. It’s what puppies do.

But he seems a little baffled because no matter how much rain he catches, there’s still more. And more. When does the sky water end? And where is it coming from? I know, Jack. I know. It seems a little cray. But it happens. Trust us.

Jack may not understand what’s happening, but clearly he’s cool with it. He’s all smiles and adorable floppy ears. He kind of makes us want to get caught in the rain ourselves.

Watch how Jack reacts when it’s raining cats and dogs (but mostly dogs):

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[Image and video via YouTube]

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