A lost puppy was rescued at sea. Happy sobs.

A lost little Labrador puppy was rescued last week when sailors with the Italian yacht club RYCC Savoia found him swimming all alone in the Gulf of Naples. The pup’s rescue was captured on video and posted to YouTube. In the clip, we see the poor thing dog-paddling his little heart out while the boat tries to get close enough to grab him. When he’s finally within reach, one of the crew members scoops him up and a full-on love fest commences. It really brings out all the feelings.

The director of the yacht club, Massimiliano Cappa, told the local newspaper that when they found the dog, he was exhausted and nearly paralyzed from swimming in the cold water (sob!). As soon as their boat came ashore, they warmed him with a hairdryer, and he felt much better.

Clearly these are awesome people. Even more awesome is the fact that they were able to reunite the dog with his family! It seems that earlier in the day, Noodle (yes, that’s his name, because he’s Italian, after all) accidentally fell overboard on a ferry from the island of Ischia. Noodle’s pet parent notified the ferry operators immediately, but believing the dog had already drowned, they refused to stop. (Nooooo!) Now that Noodle has been found safe and sound, they’ve apologized. (Which we’re certainly glad to hear.)

We’re so happy some good people came across Noodle and were able to rescue him. And we’re doubly glad he made it back to his family. La vita è bella! Life is beautiful!

Watch Noodle’s touching rescue below. (Warning: you will need to hug a dog immediately afterward.)

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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