You need this puppy eating peanut butter in your life

I can’t imagine anyone owning a puppy being the least bit productive. From tumbling around with it on the floor, to taking a million selfies, and putting funny hats on it — every minute of every hour must be accounted for. And now the Internet has blessed us with yet another adorable aspect of puppy life: slurping peanut butter off a spoon!

Brace yourselves, Internet world — because you’re about to get a shock to the heart of cute:

This puppy is so darn excited to be alive and offered such a wonderful treat, he practically gobbles up the spoonful of peanut butter. How can you possibly have another bad day with this puppy in your life? Rest assured, the next time I go to the DMV, stand in line at the post office, or listen to my Mom “momsplain” sports to me, my inner-thoughts will be a constant soundtrack of this puppy’s peanut butter spoon-slurping.

I don’t believe I will love anything as much as this puppy loves peanut butter, and that’s saying a lot.

(Image and video via YouTube)